Empire State French Basket Vintage Chandeliers


Vintage chandeliers exude a timeless charm and glamour that adds sophistication and elegance to any space. These exquisite lighting fixtures are available for dry hire, making them a popular choice for event styling. However, to fully utilize the lighting function of these chandeliers, they must be installed by a licensed electrician on-site, which will incur additional fees. Embrace the beauty and grandeur of bygone eras with the captivating allure of vintage chandeliers.


1 x Small Acorn – 40cm H

1 x Medium Acorn – 50cm H

1 x Large Acorn – 60cm H

2 x Small French Basket – 60cm H

2  x Medium French Basket – 65cm H

2 x Large French Basket – 70cm H – 75cm H

2 x XLarge French Basket – 100cm H