Engagement at the Paper Mill

Tuvana’s setting incorporated certain aspects of their Turkish cultural practices such as the table which features the engagement rings, tied together by a red ribbon. This appointed family member (usually an aunt or grandmother) presents the rings to the couple on a special presentation tray.

In some families the couple spends the rest of the evening joined by their rings and the red ribbon. However, in some households the family representative cuts the ribbon with a specially decorated pair of scissors.

Afterwards, the youngest members of the families bring out the engagement cakes, and the families continue with harmonious conversation. In some households, the youngest members of the families join the newly engaged couple for a night out on the town, thus ending the party.

Tuvana wanted boho elements entailed into this custom celebration which we achieved by using our premium selection of cream and nude tone silk florals.

Should this album entail some pieces you’d like to entail into your forthcoming event, please get in touch!

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